Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Arrival!

We arrived in Managua, Nicaragua on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. A local brother whose is a cab driver picked us up from the airport. His name is Norman, he is 32 and the coordinator of his body of elders. He used to be a temporary special pioneer in Bluefields (english congregation).

 There are no house numbers in Leon, but our house is located on the 2nd entrance of Saint Matthew (Segunda Entrada de San Mateo) that's how we let the taxis know where to take us. Here are some pics of the house.

This door leads out into a courtyard and there is a bedroom, bathroom, and utility room.

Yesterday, September 1st was our first day of service with the Leon English Congregation. Although there are some Americans and Europeans living here, it seems that the interest is mainly with the local Nicaraguans whom have learned or are hoping to learn English. Many think they are learning about the Bible to practice their English but then are moved by what they learn to become Jehovah's Witnesses. According to the Mexico Branch, English is the fastest growing language in the countries they oversee.  Each territory is divided in city blocks, with descriptions of each house with an english speaking person. Desmond went with a brother on return visits. I was able to talk to a medical student and a young man who speaks English, I hope to return on them in a few weeks.

We went to our first meeting today, they asked Desmond to be the chairman a few minutes before the meeting! There are 24 publishers, 12 pioneers, 3 elders, and 3 servants(including Dez), meeting attendance is around 30 -35. A local brother gave the public talk and the simplified version of the Watchtower is used as a basis for the reading and questions.
This is the brother who gave the talk Nathan Leviolett and his wife, Ashley, and their baby Lilly. They have been here 4 years (well not the baby). He is one of the elders and they will be returning to the States in September for 2 months.

Here are some pics of the Kingdom Hall. The English meets at 9:30 a.m. and a Spanish congregation meets at 5:00p.m.

The congregation is very friendly and hospitable, we are really enjoying ourselves! We hope to have some good experiences to share with everyone shortly.


  1. Alisa and I are truely amazed at the things we are seeing. You are making us want to be there. Jehovahs spirit is with you, keep up the encouragement. We miss you.I want to try some of that juice it looks great.Hugs and kisses. Stacey and Alisa.

  2. Waw... congratulations for sharing this experience! We are pioneers from France and we dream of doing what you're doing!!! We are looking for a country in Central or South America where we could get the residency easily (in order to stay a few years) with the help of the local Branch, and a place not too expensive. We have been learning Haitian Creole for a while and are searching for a territory where Haitian Creole-speakers are needed. How is it where you live? Thanks a lot for your encouraging reports. Christian love. Matt & Mary