Friday, December 27, 2013

Pioneer Day at the Beach!!

On Christmas Day we went to the beach to do some search work in Poneloya and Las Penitas, the beach about 20 minutes from Leon. Many people in Leon travel to the beach with their families on the holidays so we only stayed a half a day, because it can get pretty rowdy in the evenings.

We had a nice, productive day.

Here are some pictures:

 the friends waiting on the corner for our micro bus

 we walked along the beach front to find some permanent english-speaking people

 Aileen, Mery, David, Avery, Sumanta, Forest, me and Corina

 waiting for directions from Chris 

a cool house Corina and Forest found in the territory, unfortunately no one was home. 

A few of us rewarded our hard work with a delicious fish lunch. 

Corina eating the eye. 

Overall a few studies were started and many other english speakers were found so that a more detailed territory can be created for the beach area. 

Back in Leon!!

We have been back in Leon for the past two weeks! Due to some unexpected circumstances we will only be here until the end of February.

When we returned we saw a lot of new faces. Although the congregation only has 32 publishers, meeting attendance has been 60-70 because of the many visitors that have come and helped out over the past few months.

Most of the remaining visitors will be leaving at the end of the month, but here are some pictures of these self-sacrificing friends.

Percy and Ember from Atlanta, GA-stayed one month

 Shane, Cindy, and Michael from Atlanta, GA
staying 2 weeks

 Audrey and David- Nazareth, Pennsylvania stayed two weeks

 Taylor and Devin from Pennsylvania stayed 2 months

 Avery and Asia from Tennessee stayed 1.5 to 2 months

 The Gayle family sons are 9, 11, and 14 from Atlanta, GA and stayed 2 weeks

me and Dez pictured with Gene from Tennessee he stayed about 10 days.

Anastasia and Nina, their family relocated to Leon and they have been encouraging within the congregation. They recently became unbaptized publishers.

Simona and Chris from Sweden who are visiting for a month.

Forest from Atlanta, GA who hopes to make his home here permanently and Erion who has been supporting the congregation for the past 4 months.

Pirjo and Jeffrey who spent the last few years in Spain but are originally from Australia are now planning to stay for the next year at least.

There were many more visitors but the majority of them left before we returned to Leon, but they really helped us to cover our territory. 
Last week, Marcus, our acting Service Overseer, told the congregation that we covered 95% of our territory for the recent tract campaign in November. That was in large part due to the visitors who were so zealous in the ministry!

Thanks to everyone!