Monday, November 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, Desmond gave his first outgoing public talk in the Granada English Congregation.
In order to get to Granada, we hitched a ride with friends to the Managua bus station (1.5 hours away) and
then took a bus to Granada (45 minutes).
Granada is very similar to Leon with a lot of churches and parks, but it is a smaller city but a larger tourist attraction, so their territory consists of more foreigners.

This is the family we stayed with:

Lisa and Ed and their daughter, Brianna. They are from Chicago and have been serving in Granada for 2 years. They have 2 more sons, one in Patterson and the other in the States.
They were very hospitable and their home was beautiful. This is a view from our bedroom:

The artwork in Granada is so colorful and beautiful.

We also really enjoyed visiting the congregation.
 Here are pictures of the Kingdom Hall, very similar to Leon:

(no Desmond did not give his talk with sunglasses on his head, he was just arranging his notes.
This congregation has 20 publishers 2 elders and 2 servants, and 14 pioneers.

The other elder Jimmy and his wife took us for hospitality They are in their 70s and have been in Granada for about 2 years as well. He also takes donations for sound equipment and installs them free of charge throughout Nicaragua and soon to be spreading to Honduras as well.

Granada is a very interesting city, we were able to take a tour of it in a horse drawn carriage here are some pictures:

This is Xalteva Church

This is the cathedral in Central Park and below is the Park (where we found our horse-drawn carriage)

As we are riding in the carriage we can see the Mombacho volcano in the distance:

Below is Fortaleza la Polvoro. The fort was originally built in 1748 to protect the city's gunpowder supply and ward off pirates

This is Guadalupe Church built in 1626.

Below: This is me and Dez in front of the Granada train station. The railway system has been obsolete in Nicaragua since the early 2000s.

This is the Maria Auxiliadora Church

This is the Calvario Church

Below are pictures of Lake Cocibolca (also known as Lake Nicaragua), is the 10th largest fresh-water lake on earth and is inhabited by Bull Sharks, informally named the Nicaragua Shark.

This lake is featured in 2009 watchtower September 1 pages 25-27. "The Treasure's of Central America's Largest Lake"

We hope to visit again and explore the islets on the Lake as well as the Volcano!