Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Before we talk about the memorial, we would like to share some pictures from the weeks leading up to it.

Here is David visiting from Greensboro, NC for a month. He is a computer programmer and told his boss he could keep up his work schedule while down here auxiliary pioneering. He managed to get his work done and will be moving down here permanently in May. We look forward to getting more long-term help.

Also on March 10th, Dez gave another outgoing public talk to Managua, the capital city. They currently have 40 publishers with 3 elders. One of our elders will be moving there in May. Here are some pictures of the hall:

We met a new couple from England. David and Sylvia (originally from El Salvador) They took us out for hospitality. As we were walking to the Mexican restaurant, David was stopped by a man he wants to study the Bible with him. He told us all of his children are witnesses in Florida and he really wants help making changes especially in his drinking. They set up a time to visit that following week.

So we had a wonderful month for the campaign. I believe we covered a majority of the in-town territory of Leon. We also covered about 80% of La Paz Centro which is one of our outlying territories about 45 minutes away. 
We had a cleanup with the Spanish congregations at our hall. Here are some pics:

Tyler doing some painting.

For a while we were wondering where all the brothers were and then we saw this:

They all had to take turns chopping down the tree.

After all of that hard work some of the brothers were hungry:

They were able to catch a few mangos to eat.


We had our memorial at a local hotel. Hotel Los Balcones. It was such a warm event. Everyone was so happy to be there. We had a total of 60 publishers, which is an increase from last year's attendance of 50. We have a total of 27 publishers and a few visitors. We counted about 22 visitors, although some of us including Dez had studies that attended with their families in Spanish. 
Here are some pictures:

I was given the responsibility of making the flower arrangement. A sister in our hall, Lydia is so creative and she taught me so much by helping me make this.

Her husband, Brad, did the Memorial talk. 

Here are pics of people with their bible students:

Erica(holding baby Lily) and her student, Vanessa  

 Dez, his student Fabrizio, Sadia (my student), and me. They are married but she has just started studying so we study with them separately.

 Ally and her return visit, Cherry
 Me and my student, Massiel

 Maria and her student Darling

 Dez and his student Dennis and Julio (his nephew)
This was Julio's first meeting, he really enjoyed it and wants to attend more. 

Lydia and her student, Martha

Elga with her unbelieving brother, Rolando

Mariela, Michelle, and Michelle's student Belisabeth.

 Maria and her student, Leda.

 Aileen (my student), me, and Leanne (visiting sister from Canada)

Marcus and his student, Brian.

Desmond's student Mynor was unable to get home from work on time but came after we ended. He is pictured here with Dez and a brother from our hall, Lenin.

It was so encouraging to see the wonderful attendance. A few attendees were "planted" by some visitors who have since left, but we continue trying to "water" them.

Here are some pics of the friends in the congregation.

Dez and Marcus

 Rob and Anne Watcher (leaving in April :(
 Miguel, Dez, and Tyler

 Nate, Ashley, Baby Lilly and their adopted daughter Jesslyn

And we'll end with a picture of us for Dad: