Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our first visitor!!

So we had our first visitor here in Nicaragua on January 1st. The night before, a brother in our congregation and his family came over to the house to help us plan how we were going to get Keshia from the airport. We discussed our plans over a yummy meal provided by Lenin and his wife, Erica. 

 They made refried beans, tostones (fried plantains), repocheta(tortilla filled with cheese), boiled eggs flavored with lime, and gallo de pinto (Mexican). We really enjoyed the food!

So our first visitor is Keshia B., visiting from Charlottesville, VA. She stayed with us for 8 days. We enjoyed service together.
 Keshia at the table in Merced Park.

Keshia also came with me on my bible study with Aileen(purple shirt). Her brother Josue and her cousin, Linda also sit in on most days.
I met Aileen in October and we have been studying the Bible Teach book ever since. She is only 12 years old but shows a real comprehension of Bible principles. Her grandmother and aunts are active Witnesses and her mother is inactive. So far she has only attended one English meeting and the Spanish circuit assembly with her grandmother. We are working on her meeting attendance. She is very sweet and we are enjoying getting to know her.

 Here is Keshia on a caponera. It cost us 30 cords total, which equals $1.25.

 On Thursday (3rd) we had our meeting. A few minutes before the meeting, Keshia and I were asked to do a demonstration for The Bible-What is it's Message brochure. I think we did pretty good!

On Friday(4th) we traveled to Granada and stayed at a hostel overnight. Friday evening we visited the Masaya Volcano National Park. Masaya is a small town between Managua(capital) and Granada.
This park includes two volcanos (Masaya and Nindiri) and 5 craters. It was beautiful and only a little bit of hiking.  Below are some pictures:

There is also a large cross at the top of this hill, because a Catholic priest was able to stop the indigenous people from making human sacrifices to their god (the volcano)

We also went down in the an underground tunnel created by the lava flow, which were filled with bats and tree roots. This large underground area was also used to hide teenage boys during the Revolution so they would not have to fight.

 We were also able to see the glow of the lava but I was unable to capture the picture.

On Saturday (5th) we toured some of the islets of Lake Nicaragua (in Granada) by boat. Here are some pictures:

 The next two pictures are of monkey island.

 One of the monkeys having fun with another boat group (below)

 Here is a pretty picture of the Mombacho volcano:

Also last Sunday (6th) Desmond had to step in and conduct the Watchtower Study. He did an awesome job!

On Monday(7th) we went to the beach. Keshia and I split this delicious fried fish.It cost 155 cordobas ($6.50)

We traveled to the beach by bus 13 cordobas each way ($0.54)

On Tuesday (8th) we went to the Cerro Negro Volcano, located outside the city of Leon. It last erupted in 1999.

Here is our crazy tour guide, who tried to convince us to get a picture out there!

The red color comes from the iron, the black from the sulfur, and the white from the calcium.

 Here is a picture of Keshia volcano boarding on a sled down the volcano.

Keshia left us on Wednesday (9th) after a busy fun-filled week. We really enjoyed her bringing a taste of home.
Okay well whose coming next?