Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daily Life

We live almost 2 miles from the Kingdom Hall so we usually take a taxi to the meeting for service and try to walk to the center of town and take a camioneta for our ride home. A taxi costs 20 cordobas ($.85) for each person. A camioneta is 3.5 cords ($0.15) This is a camioneta. It is usually really packed no one has personal boundary issues!

There are 2 supermarkets here owned by Walmart, so they have good exchange rates and a lot of U.S. brands and foods, but of course they are more expensive than local things. We get most of our things from there except veggies and fruits which are cheaper in the open air market. Here is an example of one of these markets. 

There are also many people who walk around selling tortillas, pastries, or avocados like this man is selling. 

Also many people have businesses out of their homes, where they sell snack foods, drinks, etc. This is called a pulperia. Which is really nice because you know anywhere in the territory you will always be able to find a cold drink. 


I love to order the refrescas naturales (natural drinks) made from different fruits. My favorite is mango. 
You have to drink it out of a bag, (like Dez is above) the bigger bags have straws in them.

Desmond has started three bible studies and Shannon has started two. 
Last week on tuesday night at the meeting a young man came to meeting, Reynaldo. He told Desmond how someone used to come and visit him but hasn't been back for a while so he decided to come to the Kingdom Hall. He really enjoyed the YPA question and answer, and asked Dez to bring the DVD over the next day so he could watch it and be prepared for next week as well. He was waiting for Dez, wednesday morning, they watched the DVD and began Chapter 11 of the Bible Teach book. 

We often come home tired and sweaty(last week on Tuesday we calculated we walked over 4 miles) but full of contentment. We are really enjoying having a full share in the ministry without any distractions. 


  1. I thought I posted but I guess I didn't... I'm so happy for you guys! It's so exciting for me to read your blog! I love how you're being blessed there and having fun too :)

  2. Love to hear your experiences, keep them coming...Jehovah is really blessing your willingness to expand your ministry!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! You two are a great example and Jehovah is really blessing your efforts down there!

  4. That juice looks tasty. Do you have to return the bag and straw or do you get to toss it? But on a serious note, it is good to hear you are doing well. Jehovah bless you.

  5. Very Enjoyable. Wow, that's great on the studies. Keep up your good works and Jehovah will continue to bless you both. We love and miss you. Mom & Dad

  6. colton just helped me to find your blog i have been e-mailing you i dont know if you got any of them i am so happy to hear about your new bible studies that is great Jehovah will continue to bless you in all your efforts to futher the good news and the love you show for his name i miss love &pray for you i love you both wanda&amily