Friday, February 22, 2013

Recent Events

On Saturday, February 9, 2013, we had a goodbye party for the Poldens. 
They have been in Leon since March, 2012 and have decided to move to another congregation, Pearl Lagoon. Here is a picture of Pat and Debbie:

The Pearl Lagoon congregation has only 11 publishers and needs a lot of help. We are going to miss them and look forward to visiting them soon. They have two wonderful blogs: and the very informative 

The party was very fun and a good chance for the congregation to get together. 

We had it at Rob and Anne's house. They have been here since November and are leaving in April. They will be returning each year for 6-7 months at a time.

It has a great dance floor:

Above is a video of Marcus and Maria, doing a typical Swedish dance.

The following day, Sunday. We had a visiting speaker from the Masaya Occidental congregation (Spanish)
Justin gave a wonderful talk about showing love for our brothers and sister. Some great illustrations, that we are still discussing about seeing the good in others and continuing to cover over our brothers irritating qualities with love. He refused to allow any pictures, so here are 2 sisters from their congregation, and his 3 bible students that accompanied them.

Also we had some more farewells this month:

This is a picture of Tyler, Jordan, and Caleb
Caleb and Jordan are brothers. Caleb has been here three months and was surprised by his brother for his final month. Tyler came for a week. They are all pioneers from Missouri. Caleb has decided to make a permanent move and will be returning in August.

Unfortunately, I have been really bad about taking pictures lately but I will try to do better.

We have just arrived in Panama for our visa run, so our next post will probably include this trip.

We love you all and take care!


  1. Have fun in Bacas del Toro. Make sure you take lots of pictures because we are looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Yeah, you'll never get a picture of Justin, unless you take it when he's not looking, or very much against his will!!