Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Months Down, 3 More To Go!!!

We are half way through our trip! We are finally feeling adjusted to the congregation, the ministry, and to the
town of Leon.

Puerto Sandino
Two Fridays ago, we went to a little beach town about 45 minutes away from Leon, called Puerto Sandino. It is much smaller than Leon but has a large population of people from Bluefields which is on the eastern coast of Nicaragua. Many of the people from Bluefields are descendants of runaway slaves and speak an English Creole as their first language.

We met many people who are interested in studying the Bible and we hope to return in a few weeks. Here
are some pictures:

This is where were preaching with Cali a sister visiting from Indiana.

This picture includes two more visiting sisters, Renee and Cheyenne, and Desmond.

Chelsea, Cheyenne, Cali and Renee.

The river in these pictures are home to large crocodiles. So of course many of the locals stir clear of it.

Two Sundays ago, Desmond had another outgoing talk to Chinandega which is 45 minutes away from Leon towards the border of Honduras. Here are pictures of the Kingdom Hall:

There are 24 publishers in this congregation, with 5 elders (one working in Australia right now), 2 ministerial servants, and 14 pioneers.

One of the couple's looked familiar....
Kyle and Melissa, from the Walkil, NY area. They visited the Rising Sun congregation 2 1/2 years ago shortly before coming to Nicaragua.

The friends in the congregation were so hospitable, Steve and Elkie (Australian) took us to a nice restaurant.

And most of the congregation came along:

Leon Congregation

At the suggestion of the Circuit Overseer, last week our congregation set up a table at La Union, a supermarket owned by Walmart, that a lot of foreigners shop at.
The table was setup from Wednesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Some literature was placed and four people requested a bible study. Here is me (Shannon) and Brad (one of the elders in the congregation:

Each week the brothers will be moving the table to different locations, to see which has the best results. It's nice to be able to sit for a little while!

This past month we had a lot of visitors:

Corinna (a pioneer sister from Sacremento, CA) and her little sister, Anna (who is currently studying). They stayed 2 weeks.

We also had six sisters from Indiana who visited for a month:

Above: Skye and Cali and their fleshly sister Ashlee (who lives here) and niece Lily 

Cheyenne and Jacqueline.

They also had an opportunity to do demonstrations before they left.

Chelsea and Cheyenne demonstrating the presentation for the Watchtower and Awake.

 Renee and Jacqueline reenacting a good presentation with the tracts.

In order to show them our appreciation and say bye, we had a dance party!!!

It was a lot of fun!!

Both Desmond and I are enjoying our trip so far! We have really been developing our skills in the ministry especially our teaching skills. We are becoming really attached to our students (3 each) and will hate leaving them in a few months.

Thanks everyone for your love and support!!


  1. AWW!!! So good to see the pictures and hear your experiences! How exciting to run into Kyle and Melissa! Tell them I said hi! if you see them again! Thanks for keeping us updated, it bolsters me for my upcoming move next month. Love ya and Miss ya!!

  2. This is so exciting! thanks so much for sharing this experience! What a privilege it is :) I wish I was serving somewhere! one day soon hopefully. I'm so glad you guys get to have all this fun and I get to live through your experiences! Enjoy the rest of your stay! Can't wait to hear about everything when you get back :)

    Tell Dez congrats on the changes to give all these talks! I'm sure he's become a pro lol. Who's house is this in picture 8(counting up from the bottom pics- the sister and her younger sister that's studying)? It looks so nice! :)


  3. Tiera comment is funny. Yes there are nice homes in Leon. Keep up your good work and Jehovah will continue to bless you. Love and miss you guys a bunch!

  4. Oh the experiences you are having and the friends you are making -- what blessings!!! Keep the experiences coming!

  5. Hey Guys,
    I really enjoy reading your blog! Love the pictures and of course love to hear about your spiritual progress and growth. Keep up the good work. You guys are gaining memories that you will have for a lifetime. Spiritual memories are the best. May Jehovah continue to bless you.-Vanessa St. Louis

  6. Hi Shannon and Dez nice talking to you this mornining and nice pictures of were you are at its very nice there in Granada we miss you. Barb Good hearing fromyou call us 203-8879669 Glen,