Tuesday, October 30, 2012

La Paz Centro

La Paz Centro is a small town located in between Leon and Managua. A group from our congregation goes every week in order to conduct bible studies and conduct more search work. We have visited twice since we've been here. 

It is a 40 minute bus ride and if you're hungry there are people who get on and off the bus trying to sell the passengers drinks, food, candy, etc.

On our last visit we were able to help Pat and Debbie finish the search work for the entire town, so now Pat can create territories for all of the English-speaking people found in La Paz Centro.

 Like Leon, La Paz Centro also has a central park with a church.

Instead of regular taxis, La Paz Centro has these which are called MotoTaxis. (Dez really wants to get in one)

 In case you didn't notice that is a pig that those boys are walking like a dog.

Here is the Kingdom Hall. The C.O.'s goal is to eventually have a satellite English group here in La Paz Centro, once the interest has been cultivated.

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  1. hi guys just got done looking at your blog. it was realy interesting it looks like your having a great time i am so very happy for the two of you miss you like crazy wanda